Natural Baby Gender Selection are included :

  1. Timing Methods
  2. Gender Diet and Supplements
  3. Astrology Methods
High Tech Baby Gender Selection are included :
  1. MicroSort Sperm Sorting
  2. PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  3. PGH, Preimplantation Genetic Haplotyping
  4. The Ericsson Method and Sperm Spinning
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Others site About Sex Selection Techniques :

Chinese Lunar Calendar( Chinese baby gender chart ) is a chart that show your gender of baby from January to December. This cart shows that women age also determine gender of a baby . Below are the pages where you can find Chinese Baby Gender Chart and How to use the Chinese Birth Gender Chart.


If you ever used this Chinese Baby Gender Chart then What is your result ? Is it accurate or not accurate. Please leave your comment.

Science of Sex Selection ( Part 1 )

Science of Sex Selection ( Part 2 )

The are 5 way to determine gender of the baby according science research and by own practical method. They are Pre-implantation genetic dignosis(PGD), diet before ovulation, timing of intercourse,sperm sorting and sexual position . Among these PGD is the only way which give you 100% accurate whether the baby gender is male or female.Its also believe that eating banana,red meat and salthy snacks will give you baby boy meanwhile eating vegetables,sweets and dairy product give baby girl.
Read Full Article About Science Of Gender Selection Here

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor is a another method used by Chinese about many year ago to find sex of baby. These method is not 100% accurate . But you can use to guess gender of baby. Below are sites where you can find Chinese Gender Predictor / Chinese Lunar Calendar.


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